Calibration Drift


We swapped out a data lead from one of our sensors being careful not to move it’s position. When we looked at the point cloud in the viewport we noticed that the image seems to have drifted from what was previously a tight calibration:

The area that has drifted is circled in green in the above screenshots. Can anyone advise why this would happen? Is it possible for the calibration to drift without moving the cameras?

As a super tiny movement at the sensor resultate in a more significant movement (shift) in the distance, it could be that a move of some at the source millimeters moves the matched Pointclouds for 5-8cm. It looks like to me that this happened to you, as the shoulder is just some 5-8cm to the side. Why don’t you go into calibration another time and check if the tight calibration is still tight? Maybe you copy (safe) your calibration folder inside your project folder before you do that … that you could go back to the older calibration if you mess it up by the new attempt.

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@BryanDunphy As @MartnD mentioned, this looks like a slight camera pivot - fractions of a degree at the sensor result in inches of offset a few feet away.

There is a small chance that the calibration has calculated the position of that sensor incorrectly, and using the data you’ve already collected, you can go into the Calibration context, and change the filter parameters to see if the pointclouds snap back together.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you will need a new calibration to accommodate the shifted sensor.

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Thanks @MartnD and @CoryAllen. I’ll revisit the calibration and see if can be rescued.