DepthKit Freezing and Error Rebuilding

Hello, we are currently trying to calibrate and set up our DepthKit project. In the middle of the calibration process, while we were collecting a sample, the computer completely froze up and became unresponsive. After waiting a few minutes, we had decided to do a hard restart. Upon logging back in, we attempted to reopen our project and were met with an error (images attached of the errors and console output). We had also created a new project, and it opened the interface successfully; however, when we closed out and reopened, the new project also could not be opened due to the same issue.

Furthermore, we attempted to import our Camera Pairing data into a new project, but also encounter an error.

Link to folder containing images and project file

@EmersonCollege After taking a quick look at the files you sent, I noticed that your Cinema Pairing contains 141 samples. This is very high - I often capture between 25-35 samples for a single Cinema Pairing - and the fact that you’re using a 6K camera may be overloading some portion of the calibration pipeline.

If you need to address this quickly, you can try to parse the Camera Pairing data out of this project to continue generating a Studio calibration with it, but this is a tedious and risky operation, and it will probably be faster to create a new calibration and camera pairing which uses fewer samples.

As a side note, Depthkit Studio + Depthkit Cinema is considered experimental, and you can find some of the considerations to keep in mind while combining these workflows in our Calibration documentation.

Hey @EmersonCollege

We’ve tracked down the source of the problem, which is that one of the files within the _calibration directory was corrupted somehow, likely during the hard reset of the computer.

We found that _calibration\deviceID_000044693712\ImageSet_03\inlierFlags.json was an empty file, which was preventing the project from loading.

A work-around for this is to overwrite the empty file with an inlierFlags.json file from another ImageSet directory. Once this is done, the project should load successfully.

We’re tracking this project loading issue and will issue a bug-fix in a future release.

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