Cannot do proper calibration

I am trying to do the calibration but the sync cables we have are small so we have kept the cameras close for now just to check the process. But I am not able to calibrate properly. Please guide I am going wrong

@EasiofySolutions, if the sync cables are keeping the sensors close to each other, you won’t get very good coverage of your subject from different positions, and the Coverage metric will remain low because you aren’t able to sample a very large area.

We have tested a variety of generic 3.5mm cables to pass the sync signal from sensor to sensor, and every one we have tried has worked without issue. In the U.S., these affordable 10m cables are readily available, but I am confident that other alternatives will likely work as well.

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@EasiofySolutions Also, check out our just-now-published tutorial on quickly creating a 100% Depthkit Studio Calibration: Depthkit Studio Fast Calibration - YouTube

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thanks for help :+1: