Unity sync issue

I’ve ran into a sync issues in Unity. An export from a 10 camera recording, seems only one camera is out of sync.

Link to footage here

I ensured the cameras were in subordinate mode before the recording. Is there anyway to fix this post recording?

Any tips you have to prevent this in future recordings?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @SwinburneUni -

There are two things that can cause sync issues (assuming that the Master/Sub indicators are correct during recording)

  • Check your camera firmware to ensure all cameras have the latest and matching firmware. Mismatched firmware has been known to cause sync issues
  • It’s possible for sync cables to become disconnected after streaming has begun, and for sync to drift even without frames stopping or any errors being reported to console. These are the hardest to detect. Ensure your sync cables are of high quality and seated well within each sensor. Any cable patches, that is cables connected to one another as opposed to sensors themselves, should also be carefully protected and inspected to ensure strong connection.

Hope this helps prevent this issue for future recordings!

Is it OK to mix sync cable lengths? eg. 1 metre between cameras on same stand, 5 metres between cameras on different stands?

Hey there,

We responded over email but pasting here for others with the same question - Because the sync cables follow a daisy chain configuration, my understanding is that cable length doesn’t matter to anything other than signal loss over long cable lengths. We have had success with any 30’/10m cables we have tested, so the ones you have linked should work.