Running from Windows External boot drive - ERROR

Hi, So I’ve set up a windows boot drive from a dedicated external lacie - installed depth kit, but when I run the program it comes up with a n error message saying:

ERROR [6876] OpenGL not supported on this device.

Running - windows 10pro
2015 mac
3.1GHz intel core i7
intel iris graphics 6100 1536 mb

Any help is welcome!


Hi @CallumToy, this could be an issue with your particular computer specifications and Depthkit may be struggling to run on an older Mac as well. When you see this error, what else is happening in Depthkit? Are you able to plug in a sensor? If so, which sensor are you using?

Hi Jillian, Thanks for the response.

I’ve tried running the boot drive with the newer Mac - 16" 2019, full spec. But really unfortunately I can get it to boot.

So with the older Mac, its only that message that comes up in a terminal like text box (see attached) then nothing else.

I’m hoping to par up the Canon 5dii and the xbox Kinect (I know this is now quiet remedial but I’m just practicing application at home currently.)


Hey @CallumToy, an error like this points to graphics drivers not properly installed or configured. Make sure you have installed the boot camp drivers for your machine:

As far as not being able to boot on a different mac, it could be that the Windows installation is tied to the first mac you used to install it on, I’m not sure this is a use case that Windows supports.

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