Depthkit Core Built-in Look not rendering

Starting a new topic for this question - I’m having some issues seeing the depthkit clip using the Depthkit Core Built-in Look. My project is set to URP, and i’m using the 2020 version. The clip renders when I use the Depthkit VFX prefab, but when I try to use the Depthkit Core Built-in Look, I just see the depthkit logo.

@StevenReneau The Built-in Look only works in the Built-in Render Pipeline - To get the asset to render with a photo look in URP, use the Shader Graph Look.

Great, thank you! That worked. Also, is there a way to easily export Depthkit clips from Unity as video with a transparent background? All the tutorials I’ve seen suggested exporting as a series of PNGs then turning them into video using Adobe Media Encoder, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

@StevenReneau There is an MP4 export option available in Unity recorder, but I don’t believe it supports transparency.

An alternative could be to change the environment material to a solid keyable color like green, so the background of the Unity camera just shows up as green, and you can apply standard chromakey filters to it once you are onto compositing.

Also, in case your recording out of Unity appears to drift or get way out of sync, try setting up the Depthkit clips and Unity recorder with the Unity’s Timeline.