[RESOLVED] Clips not showing up in hdrp with depthkit core expansion package


With the depthkit core expansion package installed I was hoping that my depthkit clips would be appearing in my hdrp scene but they aren’t.

I’ve followed the instruction from the getting started with the “depthkit core expansion package” :

How my scene appears:

Any help on making this work would be truly appreciated,


Hi @RenaudPeloquin,

To use Depthkit Core in HDRP, you need to use the Depthkit Core + Shader Graph prefab.
Check out our latest documentation for the Core Expansion here, and specifically where we show how to use Shader Graph which is needed for HDRP and URP.

Hope this helps!

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I’ve just followed the instructions and it works wonderfully.

Is it possible to add the Zero Day’s look to a clip that is being played by the Depthkit clip + Core shader Graph and if so where would you add it so that it works together.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @RenaudPeloquin ,

Glad you got the Depthkit Core Shader Graph working.

Everything that the Zero Days look offered can now be accomplished by the Visual Effect Graph integration in the Depthkit Core Expansion Package.

The Zero Days Look is only supported in Built-in Render Pipeline and as it’s a legacy product, we won’t be updating it to URP/HDRP or ShaderGraph.