Depthkit and Unity Timeline

Anyone been able to add timeline scrubbing functionality to depthclips in Unity?

Seems like it should be possible and I think it’s a feature of the Core-expansion pack (?) but I don’t have that. Would be great to be able to speed up the playback of all these elements too from the speed of Unity’s Playable Director linked to the timeline.

I want to be able to scrub through audio backing tracks, timeline, animation and Depthclips all in one place. I’ve had some success with a few scripts that set depthkit video playback position based on the timeline but nothing very smooth or reliable yet…

Just wondering if anyone else had any success doing this?

Hi, @Psicon_Lab

Timeline integration is indeed one of the features of the Depthkit Expansion Package for Unity, which was created to make this feature and others accessible without the need to code. We have a video tutorial available here which demonstrates this integration with Unity’s Timeline. The most recent release of this package, Phase 6, now features support for Renderheads’ AVPro Video Player version 2, which makes Timeline scrubbing even better - More details are available here. If you have any questions, email