New version of the Depthkit Core Expansion Package

What does this update mean for you? In this latest version, we have some key bugs fixes that we hope will make your life easier! :nerd_face:

Bug Fixes

  • Updated use of Material Properties Blocks for URP and HDRP. This is particularly helpful when you are playing multiple Depthkit clips in one scene. You will no longer need to disable the SRP batcher or create new Looks for each clip when working with multiple clips at one time.
  • Resolved an error that was thrown when a Depthkit clip was disabled during playback.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Depthkit clip to disappear in the scene after linking the required video, metadata, and poster image.
  • Resolved a texture artifact that caused erroneous texture bleeding between the color and depth data.

Where to Download
If you have already purchased the Depthkit Core Expansion Package, you will be receiving an email today with the new download link. If you have any questions, reach out to We hope you enjoy!

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