Depthkit core Project crash

Hi everyone; I have been doing a volumetric capture shooting with my azure kinect and depthkit core V8; yesterday whe i finished shooting everyting seamed allright; but today I tried to open the project again so I can do teh exports; and it take sso long to open; and if not it inmediatly crashes :c

Anyone could help me ?

@imanTransmedia Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. To help get to the cause of this, can you provide more information:

  • The number of clips in your project (which can be counted by adding up the number of take folders within your Depthkit project folder).
  • If these are Depthkit Core or Depthkit Studio captures.
  • The total duration of all of your clips.
  • The total size on disk of your Depthkit project bin.
  • Please also include the entire Depthkit console log, saved as a text file - If Depthkit crashes before you can save the console log, try starting up Depthkit using the Command Prompt. If Depthkit crashes, the Command Prompt window will preserve the console log, where it can be saved.