Depthkit crashes on startup or when clicking on "Start Stream"


today we had a very long recording session and recorded about 130GB of material. There were 50 takes.

When I just restarted the computer and wanted to start Depthkit, the program always crashed. Later Depthkit started but it crashes when clicking on “Start Stream”.

I copied the project folder and deleted most of the recordings to test if it was due to the file size. With a smaller file size, the project can be opened.

Is there a specific reason for this or is it not possible to work with projects that are too large? The console always closes unfortunately and I can’t post a crash report.

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Hi, @FelixKnoblauch Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. When the application crashes, does an alert box appear like the one described in our troubleshooting documentation?

Also, to preserve the console after a crash, launch Depthkit from a Command Prompt window. If Depthkit crashes, the Command Prompt window will remain open, allowing you to copy any console messages or errors. Please share the entire contents of the console, and we’ll see if we can narrow down the cause of the crash. Thanks!

Hi Cory,

no there is no alert box during the crash like described in your documentation (that I checked ;-))

I did start Depthkit via cmd but the console is only showing the filepath - no infos about the crash. (screenshot)

It keeps crashing when I want to “start stream”.

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Screenshot 2023-08-16 103715

@FelixKnoblauch - It looks like Depthkit didn’t start with that command. Instead, once in the correct directory, try just depthkit.exe without the start preceding it, and share what the console looks like then.

Here is the console after the crash.

@FelixKnoblauch Thanks for sharing the console. There’s nothing in the console messages that points to anything definitive. Are you able share the project with us? If so, we can open it on our end and see if that reveals what’s causing the crash.