DepthKit Frame rate off on OBJ export

Hey gang, So I have the DepthKit Pro license and the Azure Kinect.

Upon reviewing my OBJ sequence it appears the frame rate exported isnt the correct frame rate the video was recorded at. Then when going back in to DepthKit, I noticed there was not way of telling what the current frame rate being recorded was, nor is there anyway of telling what the frame rate its being exported at.

Im aware of the two possible frame rates that the Azure Kinect is capable of. This OBJ Sequence was imported into Cinema4d.

Has the been an issue for anyone else?

My next possible hunch could be that the C4D project was set to 24 fps when importing the OBJ sequence. Maybe I should set it to 30 FPS before importing?


Hi @PatrickKeehn! I have a hunch that the issue may be in your C4D project as you describe. However, if you want to double check the framerate of your original take, you can locate the sensor video file located within your Depthkit project file. Each sensor video is located in the corresponding take folder in _sensor\sensor01. Here you can verify that your sensor01.mp4 is 30 fps.

I hope that is helpful and please give me a shout if you have any related questions.