Obj sequence export bug

Trying to export the obj sequence, and unfortunately, getting a bunch of points sitting in zero coordinates. Checking old sequences, they work. Exporting the video also works. Depthkit 0.7.0

Update. It works in blender, in Houdini – not. And also default windows viewer – not, while previous sequences work in houdini and viewer

@NikitaSavostyanov - sorry to hear about this issue. Can you provide a bit more information?

  • As Depthkit recently added support for exporting multisensor OBJ exports, are your OBJ’s generated from Depthkit Studio captures (multisensor), or are they generated from Depthkit Core (single sensor) captures?
  • How long is the duration of your sequence (in frames or seconds:frames)?
  • If using Depthkit Core, have you applied any decimation to the OBJ’s before exporting?
  • Does this issue show up in all frames in the exported sequence, or do some frames appear properly in all environments (Blender, Houdini, Windows 3D Viewer, Meshlab) while some only appear properly in some environments?
  • Are you able to share one of the frames (OBJ + material + texture) which is demonstrating this issue?