Depthkit obj sequnce export is broken

hello, i’m trying to export the scene to obj sequence, however, I’m getting many points sitting in center of world coordinates and nothing else. I’ve tried to open it in houdini and blender. The sequence was shooted on one single camera. I had this bug 3-4 years ago and really surprised to find it again

here is the file

@NikitaSavostyanov Thanks for sharing the corrupted OBJ with us. If you open the OBJ in a text editor, you can see that all of the coordinates have commas instead of periods to represent decimals. We are investigating to figure out the cause of this, but it is likely that Depthkit’s OBJ exporter publishes an incorrect format when Windows is set to a localization which uses commas.

We will address this in the next Depthkit version, but in the meantime, the OBJ’s can be recovered by converting all commas to periods.

You can also try switching your Windows localization settings to a format which uses periods to represent decimals and try re-exporting the OBJ’s.