Crash on MB Pro under Bootcamp, Intel D435

I have been trying to get depthkit running in Boot Camp on my Mac with the Realsense D435, but it fails on project open with the error “depthkit couldn’t start pipeline. couldn’t resolve requests” before crashing immediately.

The realsense camera is working fine with the realsense viewer on this system. Just not with depthkit.

Are there any logs for depthkit that I can access? That would help a lot.

Also it should be noted that this happens with multiple cables, under USB 2.1 and USB 3 modes.

Hey Daniel, thank you for letting us know! Would you mind emailing me your system specs including your graphics card at You can also use the bug report link if preferred.

Thanks for your patience while RealSense support remains experimental. We hope to get this fixed for you real soon and will follow up once we have your system details. Thanks!

Sure thing! I just submitted via the bug report link, case BR-I-18

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