Depthkit + Unreal Intergration Possible?

Hi there,

Is there a way to take the MultiPerspective captures from Depthkit Studio into Unreal Engine?

Hi Telmo

We do not currently have a realtime plugin for Depthkit Studio captures in in Unreal the same way we do for Unity. It is a high priority on our roadmap!

In the meantime, we integrate with Arcturus HoloEdit to support Unreal. See a tutorial here for that workflow

Hello, James
Do you have a timetable for UE plugins? We are currently using UE5 for film and television production, and it would be more convenient if we could create volumetric videos directly in UE in real-time.

Hi @Jeecaxton

We do not have a precise timeline for our 1st party Unreal Plugin. It’s high on the priority list, but behind a few further enhancements to our Unity SDK performance and some upgrades to the calibration quality and workflow usability.