Does Depthkit have a plan to support UE5 real-time?

Our projects are carried out in UE5. Do you have any plans to support UE5?

@kinghui Though there is no direct Depthkit integration into Unreal, Depthkit Studio assets can currently be brought into Unreal Editor 5 via Arcturus HoloEdit.

  • Follow our guide to get a Depthkit Studio asset (exported from Depthkit as a Multiperspective Combined per Pixel Image Sequence) into Unity, then exported as a textured, fused mesh sequence ready for HoloEdit.
  • Follow Arcturus’ guide on importing “sparse camera” data into HoloEdit, then export in Arcturus’ Unreal-ready OMS format. Then add Arcturus’ OMS Player to your Unreal project, and load your OMS-formatted Depthkit assets.

Thank you,
We prefer to support ue5 like unity,
Make our production process more convenient.

@kinghui We are seeing the demand for a 1st-party Unreal integration, and are adjusting our roadmap to reflect this. We’ll keep you posted.