Dkvfx on the Quest?

Hey fellow creators! Has anyone tried Keijiro Takahashi’s Dkvfx plugin on the Quest? I’m curious to learn if anyone has had any luck with it.

Hi, Keijiro’s Dkvfx project depends on his KlakHAP plugin ( which is only supported on Windows, macOS and Linux. Since Quest runs on Android, this is problematic. Per Keijiro, HAP codec is not really reasonable for mobile ( because the file sizes are so large.

Here Keijiro describes what KlakHAP is doing for Dkvfx, “KlakHAP provides video frames as textures that can be used in any way on Unity’s rendering pipeline — attaching to a material, presenting a full-screen video, animating a UI element, etc. Thanks to the performant design and implementation of the HAP codecs, it can dynamically control the playback time/speed without any hiccups.” So sometime similar but for Android needs to be done for Dkvfx to work on Quest.

One way you could run the Dkvfx on the Quest device is to tether the Quest to the computer and use Oculus Link to run Dkvfx on Windows. It loses the fun of tetherless but I think it should work okay.

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