Oculus Quest 2 + VFX + AVPro

I am working in Unity 2021.3LTS and having problems with getting VFX to work on the Quest. The only way to get them to display is to use the Vulkan engine. That causes a problem because AVPro does not support Vulkan and according to guidelines, we should use AVPro for playback on the Quest.

Has someone here been able to get VFX to render on Quest using AVPro for playback?

I wonder if my issue is that I am using 2021.3 instead of 2020.3. I read somewhere that the phase 8 Expansion package support 2020.3.

Hi @SamuelJonasson

We have only tested Depthkit’s Unity Expansion package on Unity 2020.3 LTS - this is for the latest Phase 8 release available for download now.

I don’t know off the top of my head how to combine VFX Graph with AVPro, especially with regards to which graphics API (Vulkan, etc) to use. That combination was beyond our testing scope for performance compatibility.

I unfortunately have to do recommend some googling and trial/error to see how to get that exact combo working.

If you find a way please reply with your results!