Does Depthkit support Hololens 2?

I cant find an exact answer on whether Depthkit supports the hololens 2.

I noticed they have an example of the Hololens on their collaboration with Terminal 3 (Making of TERMINAL 3 | An Augmented Reality Experience from Asad J. Malik - YouTube), but in the supported platforms they list Windows UWP as not supported ( Platform support ).

Hi @ConnorMarkus

Great question. Are you wanting to render Depthkit Studio or Depthkit Core on HoloLens? Here’s a breakdown of some more detailed compatibility

  • Terminal 3 was made with the Legacy Unity Plugins (0.2.6 and the Zero Days Look). These are no longer available for download.
  • The new Depthkit Core renderer in Unity Expansion Package has been reported to playback in HoloLens, but we have not tested it at Scatter as part of our release process
  • The Depthkit Studio Lite renderer has been reported to work on HoloLens by customers
  • The MRCS and Arcturus HoloEdit compression pipelines for high quality Depthkit Studio that playback well on HoloLens as well
  • Depthkit Studio Unity Expansion renderer will playback on HoloLens, but performance/quality may be limited.

If you can describe your workflow in more detail I can provide more info on the best path to get things running on HoloLens