Dynamically displaying depthkit clips at runtime in Unity

Hi there! I have a prefab in Unity with DepthKit clips, and I want to dynamically load in + instantiate that prefab within a scene at runtime. When I drag my prefab directly into a scene from editor - not at runtime - there are no issues. If the prefab is in the scene at the moment of pressing ‘play’, and is active and enabled, there are also no issues.

However, when I dynamically load in the DepthKit prefab at runtime - the gameobject, when instantiated, is set as the child of a parent holder that is disabled/turned off by default (as intended).

When I then enable/turn on that parent, my DepthKit clips have quite a lot of null parameter errors and the DepthKit clips are not visible - it’s hard to pinpoint the cause (or what the parameter ‘t’ is).

If anyone has any insight that would be much appreciated! I need to know how much of the issue is caused by addressables vs. being caused by the gameobject being disabled.

ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: t
Depthkit.CoreVFXLook.SetLookProperties () (at Depthkit_Studio_Expansion_Package/depthkit.core.vfx/Runtime/CoreVFXLook.cs:87)
Depthkit.Look.OnUpdate () (at Depthkit_Studio_Expansion_Package/depthkit.core/Runtime/Looks/Look.cs:94)
Depthkit.Look.LateUpdate () (at Depthkit_Studio_Expansion_Package/depthkit.core/Runtime/Looks/Look.cs:230)

Unity version: 2021.3.16f1