Multiple VFX look linked to same video player

I’d like to use many VFX look at the same time using the same video source/depthkit clip source in the same Unity scene. Is it possible to link the gameobjects to the same video player so it won’t read many times the same video using too much performance ressources? I tried to set the Depthkit clip to another gameobject instead of itself but it did not work.


Hi, @Julien-RobertLegault! Which version of our Unity plugins are you using?

With our Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity, you can import two kinds of VFX Look prefabs:

  • Depthkit Clip + Core VFX Look - This prefab contains a video player component.
  • Depthkit Core VFX Look - This prefab references the player in another object, specified in the ‘Depthkit Clip’ field of the ‘Depthkit VFX Look’ component.

You can set up a project with one Depthkit Clip + Core VFX Look object to play your Depthkit clip, and then add other Depthkit Core VFX Look objects with different looks applied to render multiple looks from the same player.

@Julien-RobertLegault, also, if you are using Studio (multicam) clips, use the Depthkit Clip + Studio VFX Look and Depthkit Studio VFX Look prefabs found in the Depthkit Studio plugin, rather than the Depthkit Core prefabs I described above.

Great! that’s what I was looking for.


There is like some kind of conflict when working with multiple clips.
As you can see here, even if the VFX look if binded to declaration clip (which is inactive until 130s), the particles still emit. And they don’t emit after the first has finished.
Is there something I’m missing?

using Studio 0.8.2, Studio Shader 0.4.0, Studio VFX 0.4.1, Core 0.12.1, HDRP

I suspect it’s an issue with the Expansion Package phase 8. It seems to work with phase 6.

not sure phase 6b works better finally, I must be doing something wrong.