[RESOLVED] DepthkitStudio Phase8 bug?


I have updated DepthkitStudio from Phase6 to Phase8 :slight_smile:
When I playback a Clip taken with 5 Kinect in AR, the area where the camera is not rendered is black. Is this a new feature to reduce the load? Is there any way to prevent this?
“Untextured Geometry Settings”->“Infer” did not change this.
It works fine in UnityEditor, but when I run it on iOS, the problem occurs.
This is what I am talking about in this thread.

How about this one? Looking forward to your answer!

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Hi @koyoarai This is one that is new to our team.

I’ll let the engineering team know and we’ll get back to you with any insights.

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Hey @koyoarai,
I set up an AR test project for iOS and tested both URP and Built-in pipelines, but I am unable to reproduce this issue. To help diagnose the problem, would you be able to share a minimal project that reproduces the issue?


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Here is the link to the unitypackage : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N9sPt_p–6nGV_nHDZwngrkudt6FO2On/view

Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3z9UlbIZLE

Version :

  • ARFoundation 4.1.9

It does not include the above external package.
Please let us know if the above unitypackage does not cause any problems, as some parts of the code have been changed in the Depthkit package.

Best regards.

Hey @koyoarai

Good news! I was able to replicate the issue on my end with your package, as well as find a work-around.

I noticed that if I make a Depthkit Studio clip in the Demo scene, but not within the AR prefab, I do not see this issue occur.

The issue appears to be coming from some interaction between Unity’s prefab system, and the shared material that the Depthkit Studio Look is using. The material is created programmatically and is not a an asset on disk within the Unity project.

If you create a new material asset within your project, set it to use the Depthkit/Studio/Depthkit Studio Photo Look Built-in RP shader, then change the Studio Built-in Look to reference this new material, it works fine even when the Depthkit clip is inside the AR scene’s prefab.

Wooo! Thank you!
Resolved:) Thank you for your help.