DepthKit & 8th Wall - Videos Not Loading - Time Sensitive

Hi! I’m doing a show today in France. I am integrating games captured with a green screen into an interactive AR playground. I ran some tests before I shot all the videos, which worked fine, but now the new videos I captured won’t play. I have all the same capture & export settings as the first test (capture = 1080p, narrow; export = combined video pixels). I made sure they’re under 100 mb for upload to 8th wall.

Please help! The show is today… I don’t understand why the first tests played fine & now these just get stuck on the first frame. Anyone else have this issue?

I was able to get videos to load, but trimming & resaving in QT. But I am having another issue; 1) when I publish even after swapping out name of the file in the body; it always default to “autumn” eventhough I deleted this sample file. Very strange. Lastly, how can I link them to my own image targets painted on the ground? Is it possible to swap out QR codes.

@HeidiBoisvert - The Depthkit Core integration into 8th Wall is a community-maintained way of easily getting single-sensor captures to render in a WebXR environment. This relies on the Depthkit.js library, which has not been updated since the release of Depthkit version 0.5.3, requiring a workaround for any assets exported out of any newer versions of Depthkit. Make sure your Depthkit assets conform to this older structure before adding it to an 8th Wall project.

For other questions about 8th Wall’s support for specific assets (video codecs, etc.) and replacing image targets, please post in the 8th Wall Developer Slack.

@HeidiBoisvert - Were you able to find the answers you were looking for in the 8th Wall Developer Slack? If you’re able to share any of your findings here, it will benefit all Depthkit users who are looking to publish to 8th Wall.