Fading In/Out Holograms

Wondering if anyone has figured out a simple way to fade in/out holograms when they start playing in a scene? I’d like to duplicate the fade in/out effects I see on DK Studio’s website (see attached image), but in the least I’m looking for a really simple fade solution. Is there a Unity Asset that works on DK clips?

Thanks in advance!

@DaneChristensen As you can see a bit of in the screenshot, this effect is accomplished by animating properties in the photo look’s Shader Graph (with particles generated in the VFX Graph).

You can quickly change the global transparency of the Depthkit object by editing the Depthkit look (or creating a new one and applying it) in Shader Graph with the following:

  • In the Graph Inspector, set the Surface property to ‘Transparent’.
  • In the Fragment node, change the Alpha value to something lower than 1 to make it more transparent.
  • Save the look to see the changes applied.

Achieving a fade in or out requires animating that alpha property.

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Rad! This is exactly what I was looking for!