Animating DK VFX looks

Does anyone have suggestions for how to animate DepthKit Core VFX looks using the timeline in Unity? I’m pretty new to using VFX, so any tutorials or resources would be appreciated. I’m able to add the clip to the animation track, but not sure how to animate the properties.

Hi @DavidSmith

Since Depthkit’s VFX look uses a Visual Effect Graph asset, you can animate properties in the Unity timeline just as you would any other visual effect graph properties in Unity.

First, whatever properties within the graph you want to animate need to be exposed to the outside. You can do this using the Blackboard in the graph editor: Blackboard | Visual Effect Graph | 7.7.1

Next, once you have the properies you want exposed, animating these properties is the same as animating any other unity object’s properties: Using Visual Effects with Timeline | Visual Effect Graph | 7.7.1

Once you have the properties you want to animate exposed from the VFX graph, you should be able to follow a general purpose Unity Timeline Animation tutorial to fill in the rest.