Geometry Export Stopping Half Way

Hi all,

I have been experiencing a problem with the Geometry Export workflow where the exporter keeps stopping half way through the timeline of a 8397 frame long image sequence at full resolution - 10 camera Studio setup. We have not had issues with this in the past on shorter sequences, but have been able to go up to around 6000 frames with no problem in the past, but this was consistantly stopping export and skipping to the end of the timeline at frame 4196 and no error in the console.

Project Specs:

Unity 2020.3.13f1
Built-In Render Pipeline
Using the latest Unity Package Download on the site - Depthkit Studio Mesh Sequence Export Version 0.3.0

As a workaround, we ended up splitting up the timeline, and exporting the second half separately, then combined the sequences externally.

Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

@OliverEllmers Thanks for flagging. Which version of Unity’s Streaming Image Sequence package (a dependency of the Depthkit Mesh Sequence Export package) are you using (e.g. 0.16.1)? Have you tried updating or rolling back this package to a different version?

I haven’t tested out different versions of the Streaming Image Sequence package, but we were using 0.14.2-preview

Is there a recomended one to be using?

@OliverEllmers I am not sure, but I want to make sure that I have matching versions if I try to reproduce on my end.