Hair Disappear in recording

Hair trouble2

Hello, I have a problem when recording, the person’s hair disappears, even when he bends down, it’s just the hair and if the person wears a hat it fixes itself, what could be the cause of this?

@claudioInostroza - From your screenshot, it looks like the sensor is having trouble detecting parts of the hair due to how the depth sensor in the Azure Kinect works. You can learn more about this in our documentation about material constraints.

For hair specifically, we been able to successfully capture reflective hair textures by spraying dry shampoo in the subject’s hair before being captured. This makes the hair less reflective, and easier for the sensors to capture.

A word of caution: Aerosols sprayed in the same room as the sensors will leave particles in the air which can interfere with the depth capture, so be sure to use the spray in a different room than your sensors.

Thank,I’ll try if that fixes it