If there is any case that we can watch it via VR glasses. If you have, could you please share with us? We want to do live streaming at pico glasses. However, according to the specification, OBS can only be used at PC. How can we solve this problem?

From Scatter: There are a couple of ways to see Depthkit Studio assets in VR:

The simplest is to add XR Plugins to your Unity Project, and then view it on a tethered VR Headset like Meta Rift, Meta Quest + Link, or HTC Vive.

It is possible to build an Android-ready APK with Depthkit Studio assets, though the performance of various Android-supported headsets and phones varies, so you may run into performance issues - We recommend using the Depthkit Studio Lite Renderer when building to Android devices like the Meta Quest. We have not tested Depthkit’s SDK with Pico glasses, so we don’t know Depthkit Studio assets will work with them.

If I understand correctly, the method you told me should only be able to view what has been recorded, what I want to see is live, through live streaming。

@MarkChen With a tethered VR headset (Rift, Quest + Link, Vive, etc.), you can view a live-streamed Depthkit Studio asset directly from Unity using the Depthkit Livestream Unity plugin, which receives a Spout stream from Depthkit on the same computer.

If you want to view the livestream on a headset connected to a different computer than the Depthkit capture workstation, you can convert the Spout stream to a different type of stream to send the stream over a network:

  • NDI for steaming over LAN
  • WebRTC, RTMP, or HLS for streaming over WAN

You will need to convert the stream back to Spout on the receiving PC in order to render it in-headset with Unity or a Unity build.

Viewing live-streams in an all-in-one headset like the Meta Quest is more complex, and requires:

  • Broadcasting (via broadcast software like OBS with Spout plugin) the Depthkit livestream to a remote server (e.g. Amazon AWS Media Live).
  • Configuring the Depthkit Player in your Unity VR project to receive the stream from this remote server - This is achievable using the AVPro video player.

When converting the Depthkit live-stream between formats, be careful to not change the resolution or the color format of the video - This can cause your Depthkit asset to degrade or fail to reconstruct.