Unity project on Android or iOS


I’m working with Depthkit Studio with live streaming for a project over WebRTC. At this point, everything works fine. The issue is that I’d like to know if I can compile the Unity App for Android or iOS in order to use it from another devices, nor only Desktop.

What I don’t know at this point is that as I’m using OBS, OBS.Ninja and WebRTC, can I do it? Is it possible or it only works on desktop?

Thanks for your support!



@JavierCampos As provided, the Depthkit Livestreaming package receives video/texture streams via Spout, which only supports Windows.

In order to stream directly into a mobile OS like iOS/Android via WebRTC, you will need to modify our SDK to use something like Unity’s WebRTC package as the video source.

As well as WebRTC, you can also delivery video to your Unity build with RTMP (via a CDNs like Amazon CloudFront), but this introduces some degree of latency, and also requires modifying the Depthkit SDK to receive this type of video source.

This is an area which we plan to address in future product updates. We’ll keep you posted.