Incorrect bounding box when exporting

Hi there, I have a recording that appears to be OK in the DepthKit editor but when I export it to combined per pixel video it looks like the bounding box has different dimensions and the video is clipped.

In the metadata the position and dimensions of the bounding box match what I can see in the editor.

I’ve tried making the bounding box bigger and I get the same result. However, if I make it smaller, intentionally clipping a lot of the footage, the video exported matches what I see in the editor.

I can only upload one image so the first row is with the correct bounding box (video not matching the editor’s bounding box) and the second with the incorrect one (video matching the editor’s bounding box):

Any hints?

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Hi @FedericoGuardabrazo - this is a result of a bug in the initial 0.7.0 Prerelease. We have fixed it.

I will email your team with an updated link to the Pre-release installer. The new release has passed testing and will also go into production as soon as this week. We have substantial documentation to update prior to release - so we are sharing an updated Pre-release with our early adopters such as yourselves.