Setting up Azure Kinect in Vertical Orientation

Hello! So I want to use my Azure Kinect in a vertical orientation, but the camera and depth sensor data is coming through sideways and the combined image is also horizontal instead of vertical. I don’t see anywhere to set the orientation in the depthkit core/studio software, the Azure Kinect Viewer, k4a API, but I feel like it must be there. What am I missing? If it’s somewhere in k4a, does that mean I need to write a C script to set the orientation or can I set this using a command prompt? So far googling has also not yielded the answer.

I still made a few recordings in this sideways orientation to see if they would still display, but so far haven’t been able to get them to display correctly in Unity.

Thank you for the help!

@WhittSellers, in the Core workflow, the sensor’s orientation is not recorded, so if you capture someone with the sensor oriented any other way than the default orientation, you can “undo” that orientation in any 3D environment with the rotational transforms. In Unity, this usually means adjusting the Depthkit object’s X-rotation to match the tilt angle of the sensor when the asset was recorded, and Z-rotation to match the rotation around the lens axis (usually 90 or -90).

In the Depthkit Studio workflow, the sensor position and orientation is automatically solved by the calibration and position of the floor sample, so whichever way the floor sample fiducial faces will be “up” in your scene.

Ah gotcha, thank you! Glad to know Unity rotation will do the trick!