Job in Atlanta, Depthkit studio for T-poses?

I have a job in Atlanta that needs a mobile photoreal capture of a few sports stars.

What I really need here is T-pose capture that I will then assign mocap data to. The gear must be mobile as the clients won’t leave their studio.

I don’t think using Depthkit to capture motion will work here as the noise will distract from who these guys are, in a way that won’t serve the project but a single T-pose would eliminate the problem of noise.

Can depthkit studio be used for this?

@jonathansims The short answer is that it’s possible, but that’s not exactly what Depthkit is for.

Slightly longer answer: You can certainly capture someone with Depthkit Studio, put the capture through the Refinement workflow for the highest quality, export a multiperspective combined-per-pixel image sequence, then in Unity convert the capture to a fused mesh, and rig that up, however since Depthkit is primarily intended to capture and stream performances in real-time, a “paused”-and-deformed Depthkit frame likely won’t give you the same fidelity as other workflows which are intended for this like photogrammetry.