Multi Camera Proof of Concept tests


I have 3 d455 Realsense cameras and want to use Depthkit to set up a volumetric capture space in my residdnce. This is for the purpose of creating a proof of concept for my work in order to initiate larger projects.

My questions are:

Will Realsense cameras work with Depthkit? Im afraid theres no going back in this one.

Is there a way to test this setup without doending hundreds of dollars per month? I am not sure if this even works yet.

What cables do I need to connect and sync my cameras? Id like them to be about 10 feet apart.


Hi, @BobKing - Thanks for posting.

A list of sensors currently supported by Depthkit is available in the Depthkit Core and Depthkit Studio hardware requirement documentation. As of version 0.8.0 released in January of this year which introduced support for the Orbbec sensors, Intel Realsense sensors are no longer supported.

There are other volumetric video solutions which use currently use Intel RealSense sensors for capture.