Realsense does not work with DepthKit Core

I just subscribed to a DepthKit Core plan and plugged in my Realsense D435. The camera doesn’t show up in Depthkit, but it does show up in the realsense viewer. I’m I missing anything?

@YufengZhao Unfortunately, support for Intel RealSense sensors has been removed in favor of support for the Orbbec Femto Bolt and Femto Mega sensors. This has been the case since Depthkit version 0.8.0 was released in January, and the Depthkit documentation has been updated to reflect this. Apologies that this wasn’t communicated more clearly. We are considering re-integrating the RealSense family of sensors back into Depthkit, but right now that is a lower priority as supported sensors like Microsoft Kinect for Windows, Microsoft Azure Kinect, and Orbbec Femto Bolt and Mega sensors produce higher quality data.