Newb Start Up Issues USB / Kinect not being recognized


(jonathan sims) #1

I hope this post isn’t stepping on too many toes, is in the right place, not redundant, et cetera.

I’m new to Depthkit and I need help resolving an error I get when I attempt to start a project. A google search for this error turned up nothing:

2018-12-10 14:20:51.887 INFO [15392] [DepthKit::IO::DepthSensor::DepthSensorRealSense::getConnectedDevices@93] RealSense DLL via SDK/Runtime detected

I’m running a properly specced MSI Stealth Pro laptop. Its USBs are 3.0, but I have 3.1 dock connected through my USB-C port.

Still, however, The Kinect Configuration Verifier returns an ! under the USB query and an X under the Kinnect Sensor Connected query. It’s as if it is not seeing my USB 3.1 dock connected to my USB-C. I assume this is why my Kinnect sensor is not being found.

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this?

How should I start trouble shooting it?

Thanks for your time!

Jonathan Sims

(jillian morrow) #2

Jonathan, thanks for posting! Check out this link to verify your computer performance. If these steps don’t work, let me know and we can chat next steps!

(jonathan sims) #3


Thanks for the reply. It turns out that the windows adapter I got was faulty and not powering the Kinect, I bought the Rinbers one this site suggested and now it is working.

Everything seems to be working. One more question: where can I buy that kinect / DSLR mount i’ve seen being used on projects?



(jillian morrow) #4

Hey Jonathan! It is not currently available on our website, but I will email you the information!