Newb Start Up Issues USB / Kinect not being recognized

I hope this post isn’t stepping on too many toes, is in the right place, not redundant, et cetera.

I’m new to Depthkit and I need help resolving an error I get when I attempt to start a project. A google search for this error turned up nothing:

2018-12-10 14:20:51.887 INFO [15392] [DepthKit::IO::DepthSensor::DepthSensorRealSense::getConnectedDevices@93] RealSense DLL via SDK/Runtime detected

I’m running a properly specced MSI Stealth Pro laptop. Its USBs are 3.0, but I have 3.1 dock connected through my USB-C port.

Still, however, The Kinect Configuration Verifier returns an ! under the USB query and an X under the Kinnect Sensor Connected query. It’s as if it is not seeing my USB 3.1 dock connected to my USB-C. I assume this is why my Kinnect sensor is not being found.

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this?

How should I start trouble shooting it?

Thanks for your time!

Jonathan Sims

Jonathan, thanks for posting! Check out this link to verify your computer performance. If these steps don’t work, let me know and we can chat next steps!

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Thanks for the reply. It turns out that the windows adapter I got was faulty and not powering the Kinect, I bought the Rinbers one this site suggested and now it is working.

Everything seems to be working. One more question: where can I buy that kinect / DSLR mount i’ve seen being used on projects?



Hey Jonathan! It is not currently available on our website, but I will email you the information!