Depthkit crashes

Hi, anyone else having trouble starting depthkit on their win 10 home? Mine is 16gb, ryzen 7 3700x, gf 1080 gtx. I’ve been hoping to test the free version to see how it works, but it crashes few seconds after I start it.

Sorry to hear that @JanDuszynski! Are you seeing any errors when it crashes, either in the application or console? Is a sensor plugged in at time of crash? If so, which one are you using? Hopefully we can resolve this issue for you quickly!

There are no errors. Both app and console windows just close. Yes, I have a sensor connected and it’s intel realsense 435


Hey @JanDuszynski, I have a few more questions to clarify the issue if that is okay. Happy to jump on a screen share as well if easier.

  • Are you using the most recent RealSense firmware?
  • Does this issue happen when using the RealSense viewer by chance?
  • Have you tried different usb ports on your computer?
  • Can you share the make and model of your computer?

I will note that our RealSense support is considered experimental at this time. We will do our absolute best to resolve this issue, but the experimental nature does have its quirks!

Ok, i figured it out! Realsense was plugged into 2.1 usb slot and not 3.1. Now with 3.1 it works. Time for some tests.
Thanks for your help!

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Glad to hear it @JanDuszynski! Happy testing!