OBJ export workflow doesn’t show in any normal OBJ viewer anything?

Hello to everyone,

Did anybody experiment with version 0.7.0 and the obj export?

In the past the mesh exporter exported
ply + texture cord …

and I was able to view these outputs easy in a lot of programs …

But the new exported OBJ with the same texture cord style doesn’t show at all anything ?

Maybe someone knows why ?


Greetings Martn

Hi @MartnD

What viewer are you testing to view the OBJs?

We have tested in meshlab and don’t have any known issues. Let us know and we can test your preferred viewer

Hello @James,

I try mesh lab , windows 3d viewer, another which I don’t remember , I tried to load it even into metashape :slight_smile: … and cloudcompare as it is normally able to load obj’s

Non showed the exported obj ? No untextured mesh … no texture cord ? …

That’s why I was surprised …

Only the in app viewer of my old EFEVE version showed the obj plus texture … but super tiny … and their viewport can only rescale content from Eve recordings not loaded obj’s …

So maybe my mesh lab version is old ?

I will try it today one more time.

Greetings Martn

Hey @James

I downloaded the latest meshlab :frowning: sadly no change on my side …

the new exported OBJ with texture cord are not shown and the old PLY with texture cord are shown


OBJ not shown at latest meshlab (vimeo.com)

greetings Martn

@MartnD Thanks for posting the video. My guess is that your texture size is too big. Can you constrain the texture max width/height in Depthkit when you export to something like 8k or 4k to see if that allows them to load?

I scaled the texture factor 3 down (5760x3702),
but still nothing shows up at meshlab ? or windows 3D viewer …

strange !!

In the viewport of the EVE record programm I see an super tiny result and I have to zoom in like crazy to see the full body OBJ … this viewport and the entire EVE programm is writen with UNITY …?

and in Blender I got now a result ? … but meshlab doesnt show anything ?

and blender shows a result what is not really how I thought it would come out … ?

I guess blender dont know how to handle the texture file …

for the screenshot in blender I exported another biggest version as the smaler ones long even worth :frowning:

Greetinsg martn

@MartnD Are you able to share one of the OBJ’s you are having trouble with? We can take a look at it on our end and see if we can isolate your issue.

Sure as all my test are just for me I have full rights to share what ever I want :wink:

I send you a shared dropbox file to cory@scatter.nyc

Greetings Martn

@MartnD Our team looked at the OBJ you provided, and found that the OBJ is written with commas instead of periods, which is likely why it isn’t opening in some applications.

If we replace all of the commas in the OBJ with periods, it does open successfully:

This may have something to do with the localization settings of your computer, and we’re looking further into it, and will keep you posted.

interesting … ok looking forward to hear more about when you investigate it more