[RESOLVED] Depthkit Geometry Export broken in latest Expansion Package?

Hi All,

I have noticed in the latest version of the Unity Expansion package that the Geometry Exporter is not exporting anything afgter followsing the documentation step for step.

I am seeing in the console a Per-vertex normals not found message at eacxh frame

Has anybody else experience this before?

@OliverEllmers I just went through the Mesh Export documentation on my end, and am able to export PLY’s successfully. I noticed in the documentation that the timeline framerate wasn’t specified at 30fps, and that the timeline keyframes weren’t specified to ‘Linear’, so I have updated the docs in case that is contributing to the issue - (Perhaps if the timeline is 60fps but the timeline clip is 30fps, it’s failing to generate normals on the inbetween frames???) I haven’t seen this message in the console before, and am not finding any results online. Can you try another pass following the updated docs and let me know if you are getting the same result?

It looked like I missed in the docs that the geo exported is only supported in the built-in pipeline! My mistake… solved!

@OliverEllmers Great! Thanks for the update!