Ping-Pong Playback


Pretty new to Unity and Depthkit, but I was wondering is there a way to “ping-pong” the playback of a clip once it reaches the end, instead of just looping the clip back to the start?

Working on Unity 2019.4.26f1 with Depthkit v0.2.7

Hi, @KirtBlackwood. Although it is possible to run the video forward then backward in Unity (via custom script, and an intra-frame codec that scrubs/reverses without issue, and the use of AVPro as a player), an easier solution is to encode your asset video with the forward/backward motion baked in, so that you can just click the ‘Loop’ box in Unity for seamless looping.

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Hey Cory. Encoding the clip to ping-pong worked out pretty well as a solution, thanks!

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