Getting Started with Depthkit & Unity's Timeline

The Depthkit Core Expansion Package supports both the Unity player and AVPro. When working with Depthkit clips on the Unity Timeline, we recommend using the Unity player for best results.

Guide Requirments
Download Unity’s free Default Playables from the asset store and import it into your project.

Setting up the Timeline

  1. Import the Depthkit Core Expansion Package into your project with your preferred Depthkit prefabs. Set up a Depthit clip by linking the metadata text file and Combined Per Pixel video. In the Depthkit Clip component under Advanced, select Disable Poster.

  2. Launch the Timeline by selecting Window → Sequencing → Timeline.

  3. Create an empty game object. Select this object in the Hierarchy and in the Timeline tab, click Create to begin a new timeline. This will create a Timeline playable asset.

  4. Under the Timeline settings, set your frame rate to 30, to match your Depthkit asset framerate.

  5. Right click in the Timeline window and select Activation Track.

  6. Assign your Depthkit Clip to the Activation Track.

  7. Right click in the Timeline again and select Video Script Playable Track.

  8. Select this new track, right click, and select Add From Video Player. Select your Depthkit clip.

  9. Select the video player track and see the Inspector. Assign the video clip from your Depthkit clip, as seen in the Inspector under Video Script Playable Asset.
    Set your preload time to three seconds. The Depthkit clips needs a few seconds to warm up when playing on the timeline. As a result, you will want to set your activation track to start 3 seconds prior to the start of your actual video clip.

Now you are all set you play your Depthkit clip and scrub via the Unity Timeline!


  • Ensure your Depthkit clip poster image is disabled under Advanced Settings.
  • Ensure your Activation Track is set to start 3 seconds before the Video Script Playable Asset.
  • Set the Timeline playhead to the start of the Activation Track and scrub into the clip. This will allow the clip to “warm up” and can be a helpful trick if you are not having successful scrubbing.