Preferences > Maximum memory usage

I have noticed that as of version 0.3.2-1 #241a there is a slider option which controls Maximum memory usage. The default value seems to be 4.00 GB regardless of total system memory.

Can the depthkit team please elaborate on this feature?

Also does depthkit take advantage of SLI?

Hey Paul! You would want to increase your maximum memory usage if your backlog fills up quickly when recording or if you find your takes stopping due to a full backlog. An increased memory usage will give you more resources to work with in these cases. However, if you have a small backlog, you can leave it at the default 4GB and then should be enough.

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Also just to respond to the SLI note, because Depthkit uses the GPU for a lot of processing, it benefits from having a stronger GPU, or more GPUs, as is the case with SLI. We’ve never directly tested SLI workflows though and would to hear from anyone that has that ability!