GPU Memory issue

Hi there,

We’re having trouble opening up a Depthkit project the following steps cause a GPU Error.

  • Open DepthKit Appliction
  • Launch Project
  • GPU error happens

GPU error

I’ve made a quick fix by creating a new project and bringing over the calibration meta over but we need to get access to the original project to export all the clips we recorded.

I was getting a lot of these errors in the console as well -
2022-03-04 11:47:45.470 ERROR [12656] [Depthkit::IO::ImageSequenceReader::readMetaData@579] ImageSequenceReader: Error loading D:\LichfieldFridayShoot\TAKE_03_04_10_16_23\sensor0\depth\frame_v2_millis_%10T_%5F.png

I tried removing these takes from the meta and the folder (Backed up before of course), which got rid of the errors but not the main GPU error that crashes the application.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

The GPU is an A4000 RTX.

Hey there,

Just following this up as it’s still an issue and we’ve got a deadline incoming and need to be able to access the footage.

Can anyone suggest a work around or are able to take a look at the issue?


Hi, @JonathanForder2 . We have seen this happen in Depthkit projects containing many recordings, and documented a workaround here. Let us know if this enables you to work on and export your clips.

Hi @CoryAllen

Ok thanks for the link, will try this out.