[RESOLVED] Azure Kinect appearing in Device Manager, but failing to open in Kinect Viewer or Depthkit

We have just updated our documentation with new troubleshooting steps for the Azure Kinect. If your sensor appears in Device Manager, but you get the error below when you try to open the sensor in Depthkit or Azure Kinect viewer, you can now follow this troubleshooting guide to reset the installed drivers.

[2023-01-19 16:44:06.375] [error] [t=17720] D:\a\1\s\extern\Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK\src\usbcommand\usbcommand.c (370): find_libusb_device(). Unable to open LIBUSB at index 0 [2023-01-19 16:44:06.376] [error] [t=17720] D:\a\1\s\extern\Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK\src\color_mcu\color_mcu.c (74): usb_cmd_create(USB_DEVICE_COLOR_IMU_PROCESSOR, device_index, NULL, &colormcu->usb_cmd) returned failure in colormcu_create_by_index()