[RESOLVED] Depthkit Studio Lite has streaking edge artifacts when perspective limit is more than one

working on a unity project using depthkit studio lite plugin, the mesh appears to have streaking edge artifacts whenever perspective limit is more than 1 (my parameter is 3)
is there a recommended workflow or parameter to tweak in plugin to filter out such artifact, or maybe a recommended MultiPerspective CPP Video export?

Hi, @PhilipHan

The long-triangle/“webbing” artifacts you are are common when loading a clip into the Depthkit Studio Lite Renderer with default settings. This renderer bypasses many of the edge-blending processes that our standard (a.k.a. “fusion”) renderer employs, but there are some tools available in the Depthkit Studio Lite Mesh Source component to help mitigate these.

In particular, the Clipping Threshold, Dithering Width, Invalid Edge Width & Strength, and Sobel and Blur Filters can be dialed in to remove much of these artifacts - See the values I have set in the screenshot above.

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@PhilipHan Did this address the artifacts you were seeing with your asset? If not, let me know so we can look into it further - Otherwise, we will mark this as resolved.

Thank you for support and your parameters settings works so the artifacts is less than before.
Sorry for late reply and please mark this resolved. Best,

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