Fix for Depthkit Livestream Player in Unity 2022

With the release of Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity (Phase 10) comes support for Unity version 2022!

Users attempting to setup a game object with the Depthkit Livestream Player may notice that it fails to receive and render the livestream from the Depthkit app, and produces the following error:

d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=1666

This is due to an issue with KlakSpout in Unity 2022, which the Depthkit Livestream Player depends on. This issue is flagged to be fixed in an upcoming version of KlakSpout, at which point, the error should disappear, and Depthkit Livestream assets should work normally. Until the KlakSpout fix is implemented, you can modify KlakSpout to work with Unity version 2022, and ensure that the modification is not overwritten by doing the following:

  • If you have installed the package in your project, remove it from the Package Manager.
  • If you have added Keijiro’s registry to your project, remove it in Unity’s setting.
  • Download an offline version of Keijiro’s KlakSpout packages from the KlakSpout repository by clicking Code > Download ZIP, and unzipping the archive once it is downloaded.
  • Once unzipped, navigate to KlakSpout-main > Packages > jp.keijiro.klak.spout > Runtime > Internal.
  • Open Receiver.cs in a code editor like SublimeText.
  • On line 89, change TextureFormat.RGBA32 to TextureFormat.BGRA32.
  • On line 90, change false, false, data.texturePointer to false, true, data.texturePointer.
  • Save and close Receiver.cs.
  • In Unity, open the Package Manager, click Add package from disk, navigate to KlakSpout-main\Packages\jp.keijiro.klak.spout and select package.json. This will add the modified version of KlakSpout to the project.
  • Add the package to the project like normal.
  • If needed, reconfigure your Depthkit game object to use the livestream player.

Your Depthkit Livestream should now appear correctly, and not produce any errors.

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