[RESOLVED] Help! Lag with unity sound across different PC's


We’re on the tail end of our volumetric capture VR film and preparing it for festival submissions but are having minor issues and was directed here with the hopes of resolving our issue.


‘Has anyone experience lag with Unity sound across different PC’s?

We’re having lag issues with Depthkit when trying to play the sound separately (not using the default audio handle from Depthkit).

We’ve tried to adjust DSP Audio buffer settings (best delay/best performance)’

I really hope this isn’t the first time an issue like this has arisen



Hi, @NicholasBaldas. If you are trying to play back sync’ed audio with a Depthkit clip in Unity, we recommend embedding the audio in the Depthkit CPP video file, as in this section of our video encoding guide on audio muxing, and using the AVPro player instead of Unity’s built-in video player.

If you are still playing the audio back through a separate source, you can check to see if the Depthkit plugins are introducing lag/delay by disabling your Depthkit object, and playing the combined-per-pixel video as a 2D flat video in your scene, and see if the sync is affected less.

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Thank you! This is very helpful :slight_smile:

@NicholasBaldas were you able to find the cause of the lag, or are you embedding the audio within the combined-per-pixel videos now?

Hey Cory,

I sent it to Kody my developer and he said it was super helpful. He wanted to check on a few things but I instructed him to just get the plug-in and get it done so we can finally finish lol

Will be connecting with him today to see status.

I sent James a copy and will resend finished product. If you’re keen to check it out for ‘shits n giggles’ I’ll tell him to share it.



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