Most efficient way to switch between captures in Unity

Hi all!

We are using Depthkit clips in combination with the Unity timeline. Currently we disable and enable the mesh renderers between scenes but we are not sure if this is the most efficient way. It’s important for us that the audio is in sync with the video. We are using a very high spec pc and planning to use airlink on Quest 2. Any tips?


Hi, @GlennWustlich . Disabling and re-enabling Depthkit objects via an activation track in the the Unity timeline should work well, but as we mention in the Unity Timeline documentation, you should have the activation track enable the object a few seconds ahead of the clip player to give it time to full load before it’s displayed.

To keep the Depthkit audio in sync with the video clip, it’s best to embed the audio directly into the combined-per-pixel video asset. An easy way to do this is muxing audio into a video file using FFMpeg.

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