[RESOLVED] Help please: Individual Refinement Masks giving errors in Studio with 10 cam setup

Hello @CoryAllen and all.
We are recording with 10 sensors, not cinema and starting to create masks in Premiere for individual sensors and so far the masks are loading with an error (red letters and !).

We exported the single sensor without refinement as Combined Per Pixel. I have done this before with a single sensor setup and never had a problem, so just checking if there is something more to be aware of, apart from what you shared on the masking guidelines. Thanks!

@VeroniqueLevert It looks like the mask that you have applied was derived from a combined-per-pixel export, not from the sensor’s RGB video. If you hover over the pink warning, I’m guessing that you’ll get a “Mask resolution doesn’t match the source resolution.” message.

Try creating a mask based on the recorded RGB video (found in <project bin>\<take folder>\sensor<X>\sensor.mp4). The resulting matte should be the same resolution, framerate, and duration as the source video. With a proper matte that fits these spec’s and fully isolates the subject from the background, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Refinement tools.

Thanks a lot! Yes, this works now.

Great to hear! I am curious to see what the results look like with that hoop.

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