[RESOLVED] Keep framerate when minimized

I was debugging framerate/latency when live streaming to unity when I noticed this helpful section in the live streaming docs. It mentions bringing the DepthKit window into focus increases framerate.

It would be great if in the future framerate didn’t depend on DepthKit being open. I’d also love to know if there’s any work arounds that would let me get fullframe rate when minimized?


Hi, @JacobPeddicord . My understanding is that this has to do with how Windows allocates resources to competing applications - Whichever application is “in focus” is given higher priority. In general, I have only seen the frame rate drop if the CPU GPU is being fully utilized by Depthkit and another app - e.g. Unity - simultaneously, where the combined CPU GPU usage as reported in Task Manager remains pegged at 100%. To get increased performance on the same computer hardware, you’ll need to make performance optimizations in Depthkit (fewer sensors, lower color resolution) and/or the other applications that are running (in Unity: force a lower frame rate, reduce volume density, run a build rather than the editor) until the CPU GPU usage lowers enough to leave some headroom.

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@JacobPeddicord Just got some feedback from my team, and it turns out this likely has more to do with GPU utilization than CPU, so I have edited my post above.

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@JacobPeddicord I have just added a guide to our documentation on ways to troubleshoot low frame rates in Unity - Check it out: https://docs.depthkit.tv/docs/low-framerate